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Scenery Scent






郡 香苗

Scents that Makes Each Scene

We provide special spatial scents for all kinds of events, music concerts and shows. Rather than a one-size-fits-all scent filling the entire space, we create temporary scents tailored to specific portions of your event, which change with each scene changeover. Complementing this service is our range of blended and customized scents for clients as well as sale or lease of fragrant spray machines.
Our technique has already become a go-to choice for overseas shows and events, with hope to add value as one of the Osaka's new technologies. We are now leveraging AI to roll out scent-creation services for animation or game characters, collecting information in bulk through the Internet for specific characters for AI-powered blending and listing of scents based on this information. We would like to globally announce this service as a new "Cool Japan" feature.